Cher Musico

Every aspect of my creativity contains a narrative. Within my photography, graphic design painting, poetry, or video art, personality becomes relational to narratives. I don’t pinpoint particular mediums as my focus yet rather focus on the necessary voice. Visual storytelling motivates my human condition; how my influence of experiences characterize and create a personality while also influencing and personalizing a character. 
As a queer Filipina-American visual storyteller from Dallas, Texas, my mediums are photography, painting, spoken word poetry, graphics design, and video art.

Previously dba, MUSICO ROOTS, my primary focus was photographing stage performances of spoken word poets, fashion shows, the nightlife, drag kings and queens, performances and musicians. Involvement included being a national competitor with the Ft. Worth (Poetry) Slam team; former special events photographer for the Resource Center Dallas & Gaybingo; former marketing & manager of Dukes of Dallas drag kings; co-founder & current co-producer of Mustache Envy Drag Queerlesque; former photographer for "Tuesday Tease" at Sue Ellens Dallas; former percussionist, stage manager, tv producer, & talent coordinator for the Filipino Folk Arts Theatre; and media specialist for Citichurch of Dallas. In 2016, focus shifted to CHER MUSICO STUDIOS, a collective of my creative endeavors. 

My practices blend aspects of my Filipinx-American experience, adapting thru the navigation of my autism, or even in my own understanding of religious affiliation and culture. I capture stories as ways to learn how to work thru my own communication obstacles and hope to continue to find ways to convey what others sometimes have difficulty communicating also.

I believe it is important to see and hear samples of our ourselves or our environment because it individualizes connectivity, in addition to adding to diversity and revolution. Whether audible or implied, regardless of medium, a social creative practice develops in our ingenuity. We become visual storytellers thru every aspect of our creativity. Distinguishable voices are crucial and I work to design relatable narrations.

Images courtesy of Cher Musico

Images courtesy of Cher Musico

Poetry, Events, & Shows

Painting: Howard the Duck. Color Me Empowered's I <3 Art Art Auction.
Nov 2017
Paintings: Queen Latifah, Divine. ArtLoveMagic's 10th Anniversary. Mar 2017
Photo: Stomached. Nasty Women Exhibit. Mar 2017
Paintings: Queen Latifah / DJ Spinderella. ArtLoveMagic's The Mixtape.
Dec 2016
Photos: Jette / Victory. ArtLoveMagic's The Art of the Lens. Apr 2016
Speaker: Selling Yout He(art). Brain Tease. April 2016
Painting/Poet: "Tattoo'd" ArtLoveMagic's Women in Art. Mar 2016
Poet. ArtLoveMagic's This is True 2. Sept 2015
Painting: "That Lil Old Woman..." Its Just a Story Two. Touring Art Show. 2015
Poet: In the Words of a Sistah: the Evolution. Black Academy of Arts & Letters. May 2014
Poet: DFW Vagina Monologues: Featured Poet. Open Wide Open Mic. 2015
N Texas Spoken Word Awards: Best Female Photographer. 2014
Poet: DARCC: Words of Hope & Healing. Apr 2014
Poet: In The Words of a Sistah: Bringing That Fire. South Dallas Cultural Center. Mar 2014
Poet: Verse & Rhyme. Featured poet. Nov 2013
Poet: Art Amok. Special Guest. Atlanta, GA. Oct 2013
Poet: St Paul UMC Dallas. Featured Poet. Sept 2013
Poet: Battle of the Metroplex (Poetry). Aug 2013
Poet: DARCC: Words of Hope & Healing. Apr 2013
Poet: Miss DFW Open Mic Competition: May 2013
Painting: In Waiting. Toast to Life: Resource Center Dallas. Feb 2013
Poet: National Team. Poetry Competition. FtW Slam Team. Boston, MA. 2013
Poet: WoWPS Qualifier. FtW Slams. Jan 2012
Paintings/Photo: "Painting Faces", "Just Cuz I Love You. Pure & Simple", "Lady Gaga", "Sandbloom", "Gabrielle Singleton". TAYO magazine. Issue 4. 2013
Paintings: "the calling", "give me a reason", "fighting for strength", "Janean Livingston". TAYO Magazine. Issue 3. 2012
Poet: Juneteeth Celebration. South Dallas Cultural Center. Jun 2011
Poet: MLK Slam: UT Arlington. 2010. 2011
Painting: "Chained" 32x50 collaborative art show. Sept 2010
Photo: Jason Carney, spoken word poet. We Merge Magazine #9. 2010
Photo: Joaquin Zihuatanejo, spoken word poet. Appleseed Magazine. 2010
Painting: "Tattoo'd" TAYO Magazine Issue 2. 2010
Poet: National Team. Poetry Competition. FtW Slam Team. Madison, WI. 2008
Feature: Brown Soup Thing (Indie Movie). 2008


Mustache Envy/Panty Raid: Executive Producer. 2015-present
Young DFW: Louder Than a Bomb: Media Coordinator/Teaching Artist. 2014-2018
Texas Queerlesque Festival: Registration Coordinator. 2016-2017
The Body is Not an Apology: Graphic Designer. 2016-2017
Mustache Envy/Panty Raid: Photographer. 2013-2015
Citichurch of Dallas: Media. 2012-2016
Tuesday Tease: Photographer: 2012-2014
Mustache Envy: Co-Founder/Co-Manager. 2010-2011
Resource Center Dallas: Event Photographer: 2007-2015
Gaybingo: Photographer. 2007-2009; 2013-2014
Fort Worth Poetry Slam Team: 2008; 2013
Fort Worth Poetry Slams: Spoken Word Poet & Historian: 2007-2014
Dukes of Dallas Drag Kings: Manager. 2007-2008
Dallas International Festival: Talent Coordinator. 2001-2002
John Rene Rodriguez Memorial Fund: Co-Coordinator: 2001-2002
Outstanding Volunteer Filipino Folk Arts Theatre & DCTV. 1998
Filipino Folk Arts Theatre: Production Assistant & Performer. 1997-2010